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Since its creation in 1935, Iberpapel has consolidated its leading position in the printing and writing paper market in Spain.

Iberpapel business model is mainly based on:

  • Healthy financial position;
  • Leading edge in productivity and costs;
  • Integration on the production process;
  • Respect for the environment
  • Sustainability.

Forestry: We are committed to the environment and sustainable development through a forestry model based on silvopastoral systems that ensure afforestation and the regeneration of land. The Group manages forestry properties in Argentina, Uruguay and Huelva to ensure that we are 20% to 30% self-sufficient in terms of timber.

Industrial Division: The Iberpapel Group's success drivers are mainly the integration of the pulp and paper production model, the electricity cogeneration plant and our industrial and commercial flexibility.

Papelera Guipuzcoana de Zicuñaga generates electricity and steam from high performance generation and renewable fuels and ensures the use of clean energy and the optimisation of our energy consumption.

Commercial División: Our manufacturing to order model enables us to manage product prices, to ensure that all output is sold and to develop new qualities and varieties of paper products (labels, packaging, paper for bags,..)

The Iberpapel Group aims to consolidate operational efficiency, productivity and cost control through. The Group's international vocation complements Iberpapel's growth strategy and has helped to mitigate exposure to the risk deriving from the economic downturn.


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