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The history of the Company goes back as far as the 18th century. The present company was incorporated in 1929. Now the Group consists of thirteen subsidiaries and a associated company, all centred on the paper industry and covering everything from manufacture and marketing to services.

From the outset the principal line of business has been the manufacture of fine and specialty lightweight papers, with the main specialisation being papers for the tobacco industry that subsequently has extended to hi-tech cigarette papers. This expertise in the manufacture of specialty papers have enabled the Group to expand its ranges to include other products with a similar technological basis like rolling papers, printing papers and industrial papers which, together with textile pulps that provide a high level of integration, has made the Group one of the top Spanish manufacturers of specialty lightweight papers and among the worldwide leaders.

The bulk of its output is exported. The Company has long experience in the export market, as shown by the fact that for almost 125 years it has had its own sales agents and a large customer base in cities like Havana, Mexico City, Valparaiso, New York, and other places. The Company's state-of-the-art technology, developed largely in house, enables it to be present in the major world markets, including those that are most demanding when it comes to total quality. Consequently, customers and their requirements have always been the focal point of the Company's business.


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