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ORYZON is a public clinical stage biopharmaceutical company and the European leader in the development of epigenetics-based therapeutics, with a strong focus on personalized medicine approaches to CNS disorders and oncology.

Our business model is to develop our proprietary drug candidates through clinical Phase II, at which point we decide on a case-by-case basis to either keep the development in-house or to partner or out-license the compound for late stage development and commercialization.

ORYZON has been listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange since December 2015 (ORY, ISIN Code: ES0167733015). Since then, the company has attracted specialized investors from US, Israel and Europe in several PIPEs led by different US investment banks.
The company has a broad and growing portfolio, with two compounds in Phase II clinical trials: iadademstat (aka ORY-1001), a highly potent and selective LSD1 inhibitor that has been granted orphan-drug status by EMA, for oncology, and vafidemstat (aka ORY-2001), a CNS optimized LSD1 inhibitor for the treatment of neurological diseases. Our pipeline also includes ORY-3001, a selective LSD1 inhibitor in preclinical development for the treatment of non-oncological diseases, and additional programs at advanced stages of preclinical development, such as HDAC-6 inhibitors.

The entire portfolio has been created internally from a concerted effort of our functional genomics, medicinal chemistry, preclinical and clinical development teams. The company has a very solid IP position and is the originator and owner of all our IP portfolio.

The company has a seasoned international executive management with vast experience in the industry.ORYZON has offices in Spain and the United States.