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Sacyr stands out as one of the most important infrastructures groups worldwide, positioned as a leader in the sector. Operates in more than 20 countries, mainly in Latin America, southern Europe and countries carefully selected like USA and Australia. With a clear international focus, currently around 80% of the backlog and 70% of the revenues come from businesses outside of Spain. These figures are expected to increase in the coming years. 

Sacyr has a proper diversification of its divisions, with important synergies and vertical integrations between them. 

The concessional business is focused in Greenfield projects and has become the engine of the group. The current portfolio includes more than 45 assets, mostly highways but also hospitals, airports and a railway. In addition, it includes water activity mainly comprised of long-term contracts. Sacyr creates value due to the wide experience in the whole lifecycle of the concession: market intelligence, design, offer, construction, financing, operation and asset rotation. 

Engineering and Infrastructures is focused in the development of infrastructures, most of them for our own concessions, and, to a lesser extent, in pure construction projects.  

Services is divided in two main activities: environmental and multiservice. It mainly operates in Spain, although it is internationalizing in those home markets for the group.




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