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My Portfolio

This option is a simple tool to calculate and update the portfolios a user has introduced into the system. A maximum of 20 portfolios can be created, each of them can contain a maximum of 20 stocks.

This tool uses your browser local storage system for saving your data. Because of this, users must use the same machine and browser combination to keep and retrieve this information.

Benefits of this way of functioning:

  • To access to your portfolio without re-entering your data.

  • No login is needed.


To manage your portfolios:

  • Insert a name to identify the portfolio.
  • Click on "Create Portfolio"

  • "Your portfolio" will appear on the screen with the given name. You may select the select portfolio field to change your active portfolio.

To add stocks to your active portfolio:

  • Click on "Add share" and fill in the following fields in the popup:

    1. Stock: Click on [share] select input or start introducing some characters of the share name.
      There will appear the different stocks that can be selected.
      Select a stock by clicking on its name.

    2. Date (free format): Insert the Purchase Date. This data is merely for your own use.

    3. Shares: Insert the number of shares.

    4. (Purchase) Price: Insert the price in euros (max 4 decimals).

    5. Dividends: Insert amount (gross or net), max 2 decimals.
  • Click on "+ ADD" and the these data will be presented automatically:

    Latest Price

    Latest price of the stock in the market. This Price is delayed 15 minutes.

    Current Stock Value

    Number of shares x Latest Price

    Price Change

    (Latest Price - Purchase Price) x Number of shares.

    % Performance

    (Latest Price - Purchase Price) / Purchase Price. Expressed in %.


    Date and time of the Latest Price.

    Total Porfolio value

    Total sum the Current Stock Value and Price Change of different stocks from the portfolio. % Performance is the average rate of la cartera.