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Cevasa is the head of a Business Group whose main activity is real estate investment, and has a trajectory of more than 50 years and a proven efficiency in asset management.

The Group owns more than 328,500m2 for rent, including residential (278,700m2), commercial and offices (31,700 m2), industrial (11,000m2) and garage spaces (7,100m2), and has assets valued at 530,243 million euros and an EPRA NRV of 457,946 million euros.

The business model is based on the profitability generated by rental rents and management optimization, presenting efficiency ratios only comparable with the European leaders of rental housing.

Cevasa participates in projects with leading market operators and is a pioneer in public-private collaboration for the promotion of affordable housing for rent, being a partner in reference projects in Catalonia.

The Company also carries out activities of promotion of residential buildings for sale. Cevasa has a reserve of soil with a use higher than 100,000 m2 of ceiling.

Cevasa is the only company dedicated to renting homes listed in the Continuous Market, with a stable national shareholder base and a projection of its objectives and its business in the long term.


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