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Madrid Stock Exchange

The Madrid Stock Exchange was created in 1831, over 190 years ago, making it one of Spain’s oldest financial institutions. Throughout its long history, the Madrid Stock Exchange has played a decisive role in the history of Spain, weathering long booming industrial and economic cycles with others characterized by crises and downturns, but always acting as a true barometer of Spain’s economic trends. The Madrid Stock Exchange has played a crucial role in the development of Spain and its economy, as it channels savings towards productive investments and helps the flow of wealth. As a secondary market, the Stock Exchange offers investors the opportunity to turn their share purchases into cash whenever they wish. Liquidity, as one of the main attributes of any market, allows any positions to be realised regardless of the investment’s short-, long- or medium-term character and the Madrid Stock Exchange continues to maintain strong market share for Spanish securities.


Visit the historical Palace and the largest of a total of four Stock Exchanges in Spain!